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Is it OK if your daughter makes a Pixie Cut?

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The modern generation is much modernized and helps you to look better by merely enhancing your look. People in the modern world are more influenced by being perfect within than just reflecting an orthodox point of view. Well, its 21st century, but still there some people are limited within boundaries of their thought process. It…

Prepare your child to moving to another school

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Changing schools is never easy on your children. Unlike adults, they feel even the slightest of changes in surrounding environment. Imagine you are moving to another school, possibly in another city or state. What can possibly go wrong!? Let’s picture that transition from a child’s point of view The effects of changing schools catch with…

Parenting advice from teenagers

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Parenting advice from teenagers is worth in gold. Obviously, they are end customers who might know a thing or two about what they want. That might have sounded a bit commercial. However, these kickass parenting advices from teenagers work like charm. Some of these advices are on-your-face type tips. The rest few are really deep…

What to do if a child has no friends at school?

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child has no friends at school

Having no friends at school is a struggle. ‘No friends’ would mean non-existent social life. All parents want to see their children cheerful at school premises and outside. Constant social engagement and peer-to-peer interaction is essential to character building, especially during childhood. Nevertheless, when your child has no friends, it’s an issue that can be…