Parenting advice from teenagers

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Parenting advice from teenagers is worth in gold. Obviously, they are end customers who might know a thing or two about what they want. That might have sounded a bit commercial. However, these kickass parenting advices from teenagers work like charm.

Some of these advices are on-your-face type tips. The rest few are really deep and sound. Ultimately, it can be considered a no BS guide to parenting, from the most concerned people on this issue.

Top 6 parenting advices from teenagers

Stop freaking out

Having your parents freak out over something you tell them is a horrible experience in itself. They take it to another level when they start jumping into random conclusions. Let your kid explain what has gone wrong and how he/she plans to rectify it. The more you freak out, the more secretive the relationship is going to be.

parenting advices from teenagers

Don’t be a friend

It might sound a little rude, but that’s reality. However cool you try to be, a parent can’t be the best friend to their kids. Moreover, when you play the friend card, you lose the parental control on your children. You can’t effectively stop when your children make bad decisions in life.

Challenge with chores

Actually children like it. They love these tiny domestic accomplishments. Nevertheless, they won’t actually want to do chores. But, when it’s forced on them, they will happily work till completion. Ultimately, all that cleaning knowledge is going to help immensely when your children leave for college.

Acknowledge their dreams

For teenagers, dream killers are the most hated people on the planet. Of all people, you should not be that guy. At the least pretend that you are encouraging your children dreams. Moreover, just because you never explored that path, you don’t have to place comfort-zone limitations on your child’s behalf.

Acceptance is the key

Teens believe that parents are biologically programed to love them, no matter what. That genuine unconditional love alone can bring paradise here on earth, for the kids. When your child knows that the people who matters would love him/her regardless, they stop worrying about other’s judgments.

Make trust-building easier

Do not make your children work hard to earn trust. Make them earn it, only if they blew it up once. It has been one of the top advices from teenagers to all parents. This universal problem has just one solution – start on parenting with confidence rather fear.