What to do if a child has no friends at school?

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child has no friends at school

Having no friends at school is a struggle. ‘No friends’ would mean non-existent social life. All parents want to see their children cheerful at school premises and outside. Constant social engagement and peer-to-peer interaction is essential to character building, especially during childhood.

Nevertheless, when your child has no friends, it’s an issue that can be addressed. It comes in form of two-part solution – diagnosis and cure. The former is all about finding all possible reasons why your child not making friends at school. The latter is all about what you can do to help the case.

Possible reasons why child has no friends

Unique personality

Not having friends isn’t necessarily a negative indicator of thinking capacity. Your child could be an introvert, though being one of the smartest. He/she could be an out-of-the-box thinker, who just won’t fit into the crowd.


Tech-savvy personality

At times, technology ruins social relationship. An obsession with technological gadgets drives your children towards solitude. He/she will prefer enjoying a PC game, rather than going out in the sun.

Excessive workload

Too much school work can make your overambitious child to lose his/her friends. This is a common reason these days, especially with extensive focus on academia. The pursuit for grades takes its toll on your kid’s social life.

Now, let’s focus on how to help your child to overcome this tiny issue.

Helping your child make friends

Understand underlying problems

Start with finding the root issues your kid faces on a day to day basis. Knowing is the first step towards making amends. Talk with your kid personally about this.

Speak to their circles: Enquire in his/her circles

Since not having friends is the problem here, school, special classes and neighborhood counts as circles. Ask relatives who are closely bonded with him/her.

not having friends

Stand by your child

Assure your child that he/she is not alone. They need to know you will be with them during these tough times. A tight support group means a world of different to your kid.

Teach friendship values

Explain the ins and outs of friendships to your kid. Emphasize the importance of support and empathy. Speak only about the positives of friendship. Let them know what’s expected of friends.

Practice what you preach

Maintain strong friendships in your personal life, which will influence your children the positive way. Appreciate good manners at home, thereby educating your children on what’s expected in the outside world.