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Rashad LaShawn Walcott

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Time Codes


  1. 00:00 Early childhood and life in Guyana.
  2. 02:30 Why did you agree to do this interview?
  3. 03:08 Did you first identify as a lesbian?
  4. 03:50 When and why did you join the Marine Corps?
  5. 05:06 Where did you go to college and what did you study?
  6. 05:58 What was Parris Island like?
  7. 07:10 What did you do at Camp Pendleton?
  8. 08:41 Coming out as trans while at Camp Pendleton.
  9. 12:23 Were you out to your family as a lesbian?
  10. 13:32 Coming out as trans?
  11. 15:35 Trans* Pride 2014.
  12. 17:47 I’m black, but I’m Guyanese, which is not the same experience as being African-American.
  13. 23:07 Is it harder being black or trans in America?
  14. 23.44 Did your transition go smoothly?
  15. 24:11 Working for AT&T and transitioning on the job.
  16. 26:05 Being trans, did you ever have any bad encounters with people?
  17. 27:16 Do you think the military will allow trans people to serve openly?
  18. 30:28 When you are dead, what do you want people to say about you?
  19. 33:23 Telling guys I’m trans.
  20. 35:01 Would you have stayed in the Marine Corps if they allowed trans people?
  21. 40:47 Dating as a trans man.
  22. 42:47 Starting a dating website for trans people.