Trans Narratives







Liat Wexler

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Time Codes


00.00.15 Background information.

00.01.51 What was Wellesley College like when you were there?

00.02.54 Queer identity defined.

00.03.29 Why did you agree to do this interview?

00.04.07 What is your gender identity?

00.04.21 What are your “preferred” pronouns?

00.05.23 What is glitter butch?

00.07.18 Facial hair.

00.09.14 Do you think trans binary people get gender queer?

00.10.43 Is gender queer still an acceptable term?

00.11.20 Historical context of non-binary.

00.13.47 Navigating the world as a non-binary person.

00.15.11 Do you always confront being mis-gendered?

00.15.42 Biological family.

00.18.04 You were married?

00.20.25 Will you ever adopt children?

00.21.10 When did you come to San Diego?

00.22.15 Gender Queer San Diego.

00.25.13 How did you make contact with other non-binary people?

00.26.20 Are more non-binary people coming out?

00.27.48 Passing privilege as a male.

00.28.56 What’s it like having male privilege?

00.30.33 Are LGB people doing enough for trans people?

00.31.42 Are you comfortable at the LGBT Center?

00.34.47 The need for a Trans Center in San Diego.

00.35.27 Important issues for trans people.

00.38.07 In San Diego, are most trans people in the closet?

00.38.52 What do non-binary people do about gender markers?

00.42.52 Activism in the trans community.

00.47.17 Trans 101 or a panel.

00.48.34 Sensitivity training at businesses.

00.49.36 Trans* Pride 2014.

00.50.27 Suicide prevention training.

00.55.38 Trans Lifeline.

00.56.54 Allies in the Trans Community.

01.00.48 Gender model.